Blogging Tools To Research Your Blog Topic | How To Research Blog Topic or ideas

Blogging Tools To Research Your Blog Topic | How To Research Blog Topic or ideas

How To Research Blog Topic or ideas

Whenever we start writing a blog or content. We are not able to understand what we should write and on which topic. So today we’ll discuss 6 tools through which We can decide the topic on which we should write or Blogging Tools To Research Your Blog Topic | How To Research Blog Topic or ideas.

1)Define our Niche

First of all, we need to define our niche Means my target audience and it’s a category Whether i want to write on fitness or on anything, so we need to decide our niche. Where are we better? What’s that thing that we have a good command. We can start with these blogs, after that we’ll open Google trends. 

2)How to define Trending Topics.

There are two types of content One is trending and other is long lasting. Trending content should be written in the beginning because that increases our motivation level. and how do we know about the trending topic, that is by Google trends. We opened Google trends and searched nutrition Suppose i want to write something on nutrition So i searched nutrition on google in our specific audience Suppose i am writing my blog for indian audience SO i should select india and search trends. It’ll show my trending topics I can analyse and can extract the idea When i will read 10 blogs of my niche I can understand the direction i should go into Do i want to write about protein or about exercise or best brands in india.

One more way There is a site named BuzzSumo  I can search the keyword on which i want to write. It can show me trending topics. In my niche About no. of shares on facebook and how many Means all the data of social media backlinking percentage of sharing You can imagine the blog that this blog is shareable. So what did you do? Suppose there was this blog, 10 tips to look beautiful. So what did you do? 50 Tips to look beautiful and make a blog on it Google will find you interesting and write genuine 50 tips. and google will push your content and chances are , your blog will rank high only if your content is good and if you follow everything. Next step is Blogging Tools To Research Your Blog Topic | How To Research Blog Topic or ideas.

3) Google Keyword planner. 

Tool What do we need to do? We need to open Google Adwords and make an id There is a keyword planner tool. We’ll open it and will search it. It will give us a lot of ideas about the topic you are talking about is how many searches. If you selected India You can check searches in india.

If you want to write a blog only for Delhi then you can search this too and even for specific pin codes. But don’t be this much specific. Audience will be less. It’s reach and no. of people reading will be less and you can target location wise and full india centric also. But after some research. One more thing We’ll write keywords on google and will see the suggestion of google So Google thinks that people are searching for this keywords We can research from here too Suppose right after writing nutrition in the search box, I see suggestions Nutrition brand, nutrition supplements. I can make blogs on those suggestions Now i don’t want to check 

4) Ubersuggest

There’s a site named Ubersuggest. Go there and search your keyword. You can find the same data. It’s your choice ubersuggest or google search. All these tools are free. Means you can easily use this free version

5) Reddit

We went to reddit and found out that these are the keywords that other people have written blogs on. We can notice all their points and can adopt certain things from them and can modify somethings,

6) Quora 

We can find questions regarding A niche. I’ll tell you about this in link building. You can answer their questions and include your blog in that content So Quora is a part of Content Network, where people ask questions and people respond in long paragraphs. So you can search. 

You can find many ideas from there Here are the 6 tools that we can use To begin blogging

and decide Blogging Tools To Research Your Blog Topic | How To Research Blog Topic or ideas. 


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